Friday, May 8, 2009

First post

Well after reading a lot of blogs, I finally decided to start one. This is all greek to me so bear with me. This has been a very stressful day, day off from work was going to enjoy the peace and quiet and finish the quilt I have been working on. My daughter calls around 11am and tells me grandson Scotty was on a field trip in Lee Summit, MO and had fallen off the monkey bars and was being taken to the emergency room with possible broken arm. Well I throw on some clothes, head out to meet her on 71 Hwy- oh did I mention it rained like 4 inches of rain in a short amount of time this morning- well the road was flooded and had to turn around and backtrack, drive way around to meet her. By the time we got headed that way they were leaving the hospital-when do you ever get in and out that quick at an Emergency Room any way we met the bus at Harrisonville and picked him up which is about 50 miles from our place. I have the little darling, since Mom is working, he is not dealing well with the pain. He had to call his Uncle Joseph to see how bad a broken arm is supposed to feel like, as he broke the same wrist about 8 years ago. He felt better after talking to him. Well maybe now I can go work on that quilt.